Introduction of Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University


      Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University (SXNU) is a full-time public undergraduate university, established by Shaanxi Provincial Government and administered by Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government. SXNU is one of the training bases for kindergarten, primary and secondary school teachers, headmasters, and basic education management staffs in Shaanxi Province. SXNU is also a training base for Shaanxi provincial entrepreneurship research and Xi’an municipal entrepreneurship research for undergraduates. There are more than 10 organizations set up in SXNU, such as Shaanxi Provincial Development Center for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School Teachers; Shaanxi Provincial Training Center for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Headmasters; Shaanxi Provincial Continuous Education Office for Secondary School Teachers; Shaanxi Provincial Program Executive Office of Primary and Secondary School Teacher Training etc.  


        SXNU is rich in history. It was originally established in 1963 as Shaanxi Education College by the combination of Xi’an Normal School which was built in 1906 and Shaanxi Teacher Advanced Studies School which was built in 1956. In March 2012, upon the approval of the Ministry of Education and Shaanxi Provincial Government, it was renamed as Shaanxi Xueqian Normal University. In 2013, SXNU was identified as the only Pilot University for Free Education Undergraduates’ of Early Childhood Education by Shaanxi Provincial Government. In 2014, SXNU was identified as one of Pilot Universities for Transformation and Development by Shaanxi Provincial Government.


      The mission of SXNU is to root in Shaanxi and contribute to society; to provide teacher education and early childhood education; to cultivate practical talents with good moral, solid fundament, strong capacity, high caliber and great innovation; to build an application-oriented university with characteristics.


      SXNU covers an area of 480000m2 with Yanta Campus and Chang’an Campus. There are 310000m2 building area with teaching building, library, student dormitory, student activity center and teacher training building. There are more than 1.2 million books and periodicals in library with modern information management system. There are all sorts of 135 laboratories, 79 training bases, 1 experimental secondary school, 1 experimental primary school and 1 experimental kindergarten.


      SXNU is consisted of 14 Departments as following: Early Childhood Education Department, Music Department; Art Department; Environmental & Resource Management Department; Biological Science & Technology Department; Computer & Electronic Information Department; Education Science Department; Chinese Language & Literature Department; Economics & Politics Department; History, Culture & Tourism Department; Foreign Language & Literature Department; Mathematics Department; Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Department; Physical Education Department; with more than 14800 tertiary students and undergraduates.

Faculty & Staff

      SXNU currently has more than 840 faculty and staff members, including 640 full-time teachers and professionals. Among the full-time teachers and professionals, there are 249 members got senior professional titles, with 94 doctors and 465 masters. There are 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 6 Provincial Famous Teachers, as well as 20 Provincial Excellent Teachers and Provincial Model Teachers etc. There are also 3 Provincial Teaching Teams. In 2014, SXNU teacher Fan Ming won the first prize in the Second National Young Teachers Teaching Competition, several other teachers won the Provincial Teaching Competition.

Discipline Building

      SXNU carries out a strategy of Accelerating Development by Academic Building. It optimizes the discipline structure with 16 undergraduate courses and 45 tertiary courses, including education, literature, history, engineering, law, science and art. SXNU implements High-level Talents Project to develop all sorts of disciplines. SXNU adopts Leader+Team model to strengthen the 3 tiers of teachers which are academic leader, senior academic teacher, and junior academic teacher. SXNU sets up Early Childhood Education Research Center which is the Shaanxi Provincial Key Research Base of Philosophy & Social Sciences.

  Quality Construction

      SXNU carries out a strategy of Accelerating Development by Quality Construction. SXNU has 1 National Level Elite Sharing Course for teacher education, namely Kindergarten Organization and Management; 3 Provincial Level Elite Sharing Courses, namely Kindergarten Organization and Management, Early Childhood Education Policy, and Regulation, Principle and Technique for Psychological Consultation; 1 Training Base Co-built by Province and Ministry, namely Undergraduate Off-campus Practice Training Base for Early Childhood Education Majors; 1 Provincial Level Undergraduate Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program, namely Early Childhood Education Discipline; 1 National Level Teacher Building Model Program, namely University-Kindergarten Integration for Teacher Cultivation; 2 Provincial Level Talent Training Innovation  Experimental Areas, namely Talent Training Innovation  Experimental Areas for Early Childhood Education Majors, and Talent Training Innovation Experimental Areas for History Majors; 2 Provincial Level Experimental Teaching Centers, namely Psychology Experimental Teaching Center, and Early Childhood Education Experimental Teaching Center; 5 Provincial Outstanding Textbooks, 18 Provincial Level Teaching Reform Research Programs, 4 Provincial Level Higher Education Teaching Achievements, and 19 Provincial Level Basic Education Teaching Achievements.

Scientific Research

      SXNU has established 20 scientific research institutes including Early Childhood Education Development Research Center, Biotechnology Institute, Entrepreneurship Education Research Center etc. In recent 3 years, SXNU undertook 137 scientific research projects above the provincial level (including 4 scientific research projects on national level). SXNU launched educational cooperation strategy with Gaoling County, Weicheng District in Xianyang, Chunhua County etc. SXNU also conducted industry-university-research cooperation with Tianjin International Biological Medicine Joint Institute, Shaanxi Laoyanjia Food Limited Company with more than 20 National Invention Patents.

Cooperation & Exchange

      SXNU actively carries out a wide range of international academic exchanges and cooperation. SXNU has signed cooperative agreements on university management, academic exchange, talents cultivation etc. with Northern Arizona University in USA, Whitireia Community Polytechnic in New Zealand, three universities in Taiwan (Taichung University of Education, Hungkuang University, Chaoyang University of Technology), etc. SXNU also sets up assistance partnership and cooperative relation with Shaanxi Normal University.


During the half century, there are about 140000 students graduated from SXNU, and 110000 basic education teachers and management staffs received training here. SXNU has made great contribution to the development of basic education in Shaanxi, and is known as the “cradle of basic education teachers and headmasters”. SXNU has been conferred the following titles: Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Group, Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Grass-root Party Committee in Colleges and Universities, Shaanxi Provincial Advanced Grass-root Party Committee for Excellent Performance. In 2012, SXNU took part in National Teachers Work and Two Basis Work Meeting. In 2014 Early Childhood Department of SXNU is conferred with National Advanced Group in Education Aspect.


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